I miss cooking complicated things.

I have two hours after I get home to cook dinner, feed us all, get William bathed and settled down and in bed. That leaves zero time for me to actually sit down and enjoy my family unless we go out to eat and someone makes the food for us, or we just feed William and don't eat ourselves until after he's in bed (and that leaves us feeling icky).

I know it will get better, I know! I'm just anxious for it do that already - but then I'm not, because it will be so bittersweet to have a boy who doesn't want me to hold him every single second, who won't be at my feet, crawling between my legs, pulling out all of the pots and pans.

Tonight we're having pancakes, because they're easy and fast and we all like them. I'll probably end up making a strawberry syrup because I have some strawberries that need to be used and because I'm never happy unless I've made SOMETHING difficult-ish.

How are you, sister-cousin? I miss you all the time!

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  1. we have pancakes a lot, too! and i also miss you/think about you every day too since we're being mushy about it. <3