From the person who brought you chili in summer, here is lemonade in December!

I made some this weekend (someone gave me a giant bag of gorgeous lemons, and I nearly kissed that person), and Curtis LOVES it. I have traded cup after cup for his everlasting devotion. Good trade. I highly recommend this as emotional currency.

Here, I'll just link the recipe:  http://www.simplyrecipes.com/recipes/perfect_lemonade/

It's not that hard, I just would not have thought to do it this way, because I'm not very smart. But this is how (I now know) Grandma Rhea made her lemonade. Every summer. And she'd serve it to us from that little metal pitcher and it would be very cold. And sometimes she'd drop a few maraschino cherries in to make pink lemonade. And we would serve it to our Barbies with little cut-up Kudos bars. And I still miss her every day.

Hang on, I got something in my eye...

Bonus points for defining and illustrating the word "dissolve" to a preschooler while you watch the sugar disappear as the water heats up. Science is delicious!


  1. you giant whore, you made me cry. miss her so, so, so much. i guess we always will.

    i had no idea to do this. now i know why my lemonade is sub-par. i'm going to try this, as a coworker gave me lemons as well. <3 10x better than grocery store lemons.

    i was thinking of updating this! i have some ideas to change up a recipe for christmas. actually, i'll probably call you. but i will post about CARROTS.

  2. you called me! but i am no goddamn help because i don't like bread pudding OR EGG NOG. HOWEVER.

    i love the shit out of whiskey and rum, so as long as whatever you're making has those, it will be my favorite.